The opening skit of the 2013 CMT Awards was a hoot, with co-hosts Jason Aldean and Kristen Bell playing patient and psychotherapist, respectively, while prepping for the gig. She called him "Al" and it's all uphill from there -- the four-minute scene was dripping with A-list cameos and inside jokes. But if you're tried and true country, you'll get most of the references.

Actor Vince Vaughn was there as part of the group therapy session to give Aldean a hard time. ACMs host Blake Shelton made a cameo, as he missed the actual ceremony. He had his back to everyone -- an obvious 'The Voice' reference -- and was dressed down by his former co-host Reba McEntire and hassled by his emotionally needy current co-host, Luke Bryan.

But wait. It gets even better.

Carrie Underwood, who hosts the CMAs with Brad Paisley, also offered her advice for a successful hosting gig, reminding Aldean and Bell not to rib on fellow celebs too much.

Then it became a psychotherapy free-for-all, with Dr. Melfi from 'The Sopranos' popping up, as well as Dr. Drew and Frasier -- the latter being a serious blast from a sitcom past -- but it was refreshing to see Kelsey Grammer reprise the role that made him famous.

There were some not-so-thinly veiled references to Vaughn's new film, 'The Internship,' and his star-making turn in 'Swingers,' too.

We won't spoil it by giving away every joke, so watch the 2013 CMT Awards opening skit for yourself.

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