The images coming out of Texas are both incredible and heartbreaking. The devastation is like we've never seen before but in crisis is when you see people's true colors and Texas is not disappointing.

The stories, videos and images coming out of Texas of completely strangers helping others and the tireless work of the police, firefighters, volunteers and so many others to name makes this whole thing a little more bearable. I can only imagine what people must be going through in Texas. But to know their are people from all over the country flocking there to help reminds me what America is really like.

This is just another one of those images that makes you believe in humanity again. A kayaker came across a deer clearly in distress because it can't find higher ground. Watch what the kayaker does!

It's sometimes hard to remember about the animal and wildlife that are also affected by the hurricane. To see images like this reminds us all how the smallest things sometimes can help.

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