All over the country, people are dealing with usual temperatures that some have actually never seen before, including Nashville.

Now, this week is not the first time that Nashville has gotten snow or cold weather before, but it is extremely unusual the few inches that they received. In fact, talking to folks from Nashville this week has been somewhat, comical.

You know how it goes, too. Every other city thinks that Buffalo is CONSTANTLY dealing with snow and when we see other cities completely shut down due to snow we all think: 'really'?

Nashville shut down for 3 days this week from snow. They only had a couple of inches, but that meant no airport. No schools. No nothing.

They don't know how to deal with the weather, but no matter where you are in America, you can relate to the black ice. It is so dangerous and when you hit a patch of it, it can be scary. You lose complete control of your vehicle. Now imagine being this guy in Nashville, when pulling out of the driveway immediately lost control and started sliding sideways down the street. To make it scary, the street was on a hill. Take a look at the Google Nest footage from one of the neighbors.

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