The Erie County Fair is going on right now and will last through this upcoming Sunday, so definitely make it a point to get out there if you haven't already.

I went both Sunday and Monday and let me just say, it was great getting the fair back this year. There were some changes, such as more space being created and guests were encouraged to wear masks indoors, but people were eating food, enjoying drinks and shows, and just having fun.

While at the Erie County Fair on Monday afternoon, I stumbled across one of the most hilarious mugs I've ever seen and it was at the Totally Buffalo Store at the fair.

Check out this "Josh Allen" mug and try not to laugh.

Not to be outdone, but there was also a "Paula's Donuts" scented candle nearby and I'm thinking to myself, "I love this town."

Now, perhaps there is a cross of both -- a "Josh Allen-scented candle"?

The Erie County Fair also had some great food I tried, such as the Buffalo trio pierogis, along with the Loganberry Cider from BlackBird Cider. A stuffed hot pepper from Antones and Lime Fizz were two other highlights of Monday.

Oh, and before I forget, I also saw this and HAD to buy it. Brings back memories of old retail shopping and concession stands for Buffalonians.

If you're wondering, there was also a Ground Round and Gold Circle t-shirt that piqued my interest. I went with Hills though.

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