I've been DJing weddings for years now and I thought I've seen it all.  Of course just about the time you start to feel that way, you see something new.  When it comes to weddings, I love that.

Weddings are a celebration of the couple getting married.  That's what I think people tend to forget.  While I understand the ceremony being traditional, when it comes to the reception, I think people should really put their own fingerprint on it.  It IS about them after all.

So it doesn't really surprise me all that much that a new trend in wedding planning involves someone of the opposite sex standing up for the bride or groom in the wedding party.

When gathering the people that you want to be next to you on your wedding day, who do you choose?  It's the people that have been by you for important moments in your life.  Whether that person is a family member who has been with you all of your life, your college room mate who helped you make it through some of the toughest emotional times you've ever experienced, or your best friend from kindergarten, those are all people you get to choose.

If you're a male, who says your best friend from kindergarten is a boy?  Vice versa, for females, who says your best friend in college wasn't a boy?  Who says your sister cannot stand up for you as a guy?

My point is, the wedding is about you.  Why not put your signature on it?

Over the last 10 years, we see more and more of this.  Have you seen it?  Have you done it?  Were you your guy friend's "best woman?"  Have you ever been a "bridal attendant" or a "man maid?"

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