UPDATE: Wednesday's Secret Sound was 'Cutting Lettuce'!

Happy Thanksgiving week! So far, Lynn from West Seneca and Misty from Lockport decided that she was going to take a 65" screen TV and TODAY could be your day!

Things are going to be very different from the way that you usually celebrate the holiday this year. You may not be traveling like you used to, sitting with all the family members that you usually do or going out to do any shopping after your meal.

We're hear (see what we did there) to help and make things A BIT better.

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Clay and Company is going to help hook you up with a brand new TV.


You can save a little on your Black Friday shopping. A TV is one of the hottest gifts people try and snag during the major discounts after Thanksgiving, but we are here to make it even EASIER! It can be a good surprise for someone for Christmas. Heck, it just might be an upgrade to watch some Netflix during these strange times.

How does the secret sound work? 

Starting after 7 am this morning, you are going to hear a clip of a sound and if you are the FIRST person to call into Clay and Company (716-644-WYK) with the correct answer of what the sound is, we'll let you pick out your TV!

Of course, if you have the WYRK app, you'll get a notification with a picture that might give you a hint about what the sound is!


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UPDATE: We have a second clue for you.

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Good luck!

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