As if prices were not high enough across the board, there is rumor that there will be a shortage of diesel soon and it may have a huge impact on everything! But before it gets truly out of hand, there may be a light at end of the tunnel.

It doesn't matter where you shop or how you shop these days. Prices are getting crazy and behind the scenes, truckers and farmers don't seem to see any of the extra money you are spending. The people who make, grow and ship the things we need feel the pain the most especially when diesel prices surge over $6 a gallon.

But Wegman's may have a solution, long term. As most states and businesses are trying to become more efficient and green, Wegman's is also trying to do the same and introduced a hybrid truck option that may soon be a necessity.

Today, we have 175 trucks – 16 compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors, with another 49 on order. The impact of those CNG trucks will change our footprint in Rochester from 80% diesel, to 80% natural gas. That’s 880,000 gallons of diesel eliminated annually.

I really feel bad for anyone who has to make a choice these days of whether to pay for food or gas or heat for their home. It was once an issue for those under the "poverty level" but has now creeped in to just about every home in New York State. Hopefully, moves like this from Wegman's may help to alleviate some of the financial stress that we have.

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