As we get ready for the summer to start, we are keeping an eye on the forecast for New York State. What will the Memorial Day weekend be like? Can we plan on a barbecue and picnic? What about that backyard pool party? Will it rain or will it be warm and sunny?

While we can't always count on the weather, summer is coming and the fun is about to begin. For some, there is a touch of anxiety to go along with the fact that summer is coming. Maybe that bathing suit is a little too tight? Or perhaps the new summer clothes you got early in the spring has gotten a little snug? Before the summer starts, the forecast calls for a diet for thousands in New York State.

If you are planning on losing weight and using some of the more popular weight loss drugs, there is a new warning to start the last few days of May.

The issue, according to reports, is that while you may be losing that annoying fat, you may also be trimming the good muscle that you have. NBC News reported that:

The more muscle mass a person has, the better the resting metabolic rate, or the number of calories a person burns at rest. When a person loses muscle mass, the resting metabolic rate decreases, too.

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