The morning commute to work and school is going to be slow as a blast of wet snow is passing through Western New York at the worst time.

This is the same sort of thing we saw last week and some had a commute that was 1-2 hours longer than usual.

The issue that drivers will face early Thursday is that the snow is very slippery and turning and stopping will be tough. It seems as though some drivers were caught off guard and were not prepared to deal with the snow and slippery conditions.

According to some forecasters, the snow started around 3 am and was very heavy at times. The rain is coming tomorrow. However, the snow this morning will pile up 1-3 inches of lake enhanced snow.

We are running a contest for a FREE snowblower. If the snow piles up more than 2 inches today, one lucky listener will win either a Cub Cadet or Toro snowblower. The contest began on November 1st and although we have gotten snow around WNY, there is no winner yet. One contestant came within a tenth of an inch of winning with a total of 1.9 inches at the Buffalo Aiport. Close...but no snowblower.

Be prepared for a slippery drive today. Also, be ready for a slippery walk to work or school as driveways and sidewalks are also slick.

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