Now is the time of the year that you start seeing all the Hallmark Christmas movies.

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They all have the same premise. Two people who come from opposite worlds and don't like each other must work together for the greater good and end up falling in love.

So what would it be like if they filmed a Hallmark Christmas movie here in Western New York? Well, I am glad you asked. Here is what we think it would look like.

"Winging It" - A Holiday Story of love, romance, and wings.

The story revolves around a hunky recently widowed former Skier Scott Kazerminski  (played by Dean Cain) who is running his former wife's pizzeria and wing shop in East Aurora. He has been trying to keep the business afloat but due to the pandemic, he has fallen behind rent in the building he is renting for the pizza shop.

Cut to Toronto...Where Sophia Blache (played by Delta Burke) is reviewing her investment properties and realizes that the one over the border in East Aurora is not making the profit it should be making. She calls in her niece Ashley Lowings (Rebecca Gayheart) who is still single because she is always working for her aunt taking care of her investment properties. Plus she is angry at men since she caught her former boyfriend and NHL player (played by Jason Priestley) cheating on her two years ago. Sophia tells Ashley that now the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, she needs to head to the States to find out why rent isn't being paid and to make sure to get it fixed.

The movie will be all about the ups and downs of the relationship between Scott and Ashley. They will learn about what is important in life and that being a good community member is more important than making the most money you can. Scott will take her ice skating at Canalside even though Ashley hates the idea because of her cheating ex-boyfriend.

Also, Scott will have a dream where his wife who passed (played by Candice Cameron) tells him it is ok to move on.

In the end, they end up falling in love and buying a chateau in Ellicottville where they raise their 5 kids and give ski lessons to underprivileged youths.

This would be the perfect Buffalo Hallmark Christmas movie.

"Winging It" - A Holiday Story of love, romance, and wings.

Here are the stars of the Lifetime movie "Winging It" - A Holiday Story of love, romance, and wings." if it was filmed in Western New York.

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