The legend of the Pigman and the Holland Road Masscacure is coming to the big screen.

Holland Road is located off Route 5 and is known as "Pigman Road" because of stories told about a serial killer who stalked the area.

According to the website, Pigman killed three local teens who were bothering him.

Legend has it that one night Pigman was extremely busy, and in order to be left alone he put the heads of three pigs on stakes at the entrance to his house, in between the two one-lane bridges. It was on that night that he received some unexpected visitors. Three young teenage boys decided it would be a fun to go up to the Pigman’s house and bother him, not knowing what lay ahead.


During the course of the night, the Pigman caught these boys and decided once and for all to scare off anyone who ever thought of trespassing. Pigman decapitated each boy one by one, making the others watch and wait so they knew what was to come. After he completed this bloody task, he put the three heads of the boys on stakes, forever cementing his reputation as a killer and a butcher. After this night, the mysterious man was never seen again, and to this day, no one quite knows whatever happened to the one they called Pigman.

Now filmmakers have turned that story into a full-length movie and just released a trailer for it.

Legend or not, we will not be traveling down "Pigman Road" anytime soon.

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