Let me start off by saying that I enjoy alcohol!  Whiskey, vodka, beer, wine....I'll drink it. (no gin or southern comfort please) I will also say that I know how to enjoy it responsibly.  It may have taken a few years to understand that, but I learned quicker than a number of people at the concerts at Darien Lakes over the weekend.  What's with Western New York?.Everytime there is a big show, we make the news for how irresponsible we are when it comes to partying and consuming alcohol.  Between the Motley Crue concert on Friday and the Brad Paisley show on Saturday ...a total of 85 people were arrested.  At the Paisley show,  50 of the citations were for underage drinking,  58 in total between the two shows.

Now, I'm not a killjoy, nor am I here to ruin a party, but people really need to use their heads when consuming alcohol (especially illegally) while at a concert.  Hey, I was that 17 year old once before too.  I pounded drinks that I wasn't supposed to have, ducking from authority, trying to have a good time.  The difference is...I was smart about it.  I enjoyed a number of beverages outside of the venue, had one or 2 inside and sobered up before going home. (which for some is a 45 minute ride or more)

Let's take a look at how the events Saturday unfolded: The temperature was pretty hot that day, you have a concert that is slated for nearly 8 hours, and people are in the parking lots partying since like 9am.  That is roughly14 hours of sun and probably binge drinking.  You know how it goes.....pop a top as soon as you get to the lots, do some shots, play a drinking game to accelerate the drinking, bake in the sun....and become a hot walking mess.

So who is to blame??: Do you blame the underage kids for trying to let loose and have a good time?  Do you blame the parents for allowing them to go to an event where they know kids will be drinking illegally?  Is it the music that makes kids want to drink like fools?

I look at it like this....You are in control of your own body.  You make the choices for yourself.  If you choose wrong, you suffer the consequences.  To blame the parents is an easy cop out.  They were probably nice enough to give their child freedom to go and hang out with their friends and in some cases...the parents probably purchased the ticket too!  Blaming the music is as silly as those who blamed Beavis and Butthead for the fires that their kids started!  The blame is on you.  I did it, I was responsible enough to quit while I was ahead and make it home without any issues.  I understand the argument of peer pressure, but when do you hold a person accountable.  Some people are weak and succumb to peer pressure...should they be treated differently? No, they just need to wise up, take the verbal abuse a few jerky friends may throw at them...and roll with it.

Advice: Have a designated driver who is responsible enough to keep his/her lips off the bottle.

If it's 90+ degrees.....add a lil water to the mix......maybe go with beers over hard liquor.

If you're drinking...stop mid way through the show!

Don't binge drink...you paid good money...try and remember the show you saw!