It looks like Mother Nature is looking at helping Western New York with our current drought conditions as the next couple of months will be wetter than normal.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, August and September will be wetter than normal for Western New York. Here is what the Farmer's Almanac is calling for in terms of precipitation for the next 60 days.
August 2022 

Aug 1-8 T-storms, cool
Aug 9-13 Sunny, cool
Aug 14-17 T-storms, cool
Aug 18-21 Sunny, turning hot
Aug 22-31 Scattered t-storms, warm

August temperature 69° (avgerage)
Precipitation 5" (1" above average)

September 2022 

Sep 1-5 Sunny, turning cool
Sep 6-13 Rainy periods, turning warm
Sep 14-20 A few t-storms; cool, then warm
Sep 21-30 Showers, cool

September temperature 62° (avg.)
precipitation 7" (2.5" above avg.)

So how good has the Farmer's Almanac been at predicting the weather for Western New York?

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So this past summer, the Farmer's Almanac had called for a warmer, drier than average season, and if you look back at what we have experienced here in Western New York, you could say they were spot on.

So that means all the extra watering you have been doing to keep your lawn nice and green will soon be replaced with watering from Mother Nature. The rain will first begin this weekend and then it looks like more rain will be in the forecast later this month.

The majority of the rain looks to be in September. It looks like after the first week of school, chances are you will have to make sure your kids have umbrellas when at the bus stop as the rain looks like it will be around for weeks 2 through 4 in September.

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