Let's be honest, fries are probably the most popular side dish out there. Healthy? Nope, but a staple of American cuisine.

Whenever you visit a restaurant that has multiple variations of fries, it can be a tough decision to make? Straight cut? Curly? Waffle?

  • Straight cut - the most common variation and surely available at nearly every eatery. Some places are better than others, however.
  • Curly - Arby's is always what you think of but other places have great curly fries and let's face it, they're just fun to eat.
  • Waffle - You don't see these much but when you do, it always catches your eye. Chick-fil-A has them but because of not being everywhere, they've become a delicacy to me.
  • Steak - Rodney's on Route 5 has some tasty steak fries and definitely worth the stop. My mom grew up loving these ones, so I have a soft spot for steak fries.
  • Potato Wedges - They certainly won't be confused with the healthiest of the bunch, starchy and very heavy but can really be a great addition to any meal and great with thicker dipping sauces.

As someone who doesn't watch their health as much as they should, the waffle fries and potato wedges are especially delicious and always a go-to if they're available on the menu. Bar Bill might have the best waffle fries I've ever had (along with the wings of course!).

They're are other kinds of fries as well!

What's your favorite?

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