Yesterday we asked our Facebook fans the following question,  "Buffalo needs ________".  We received over 100 comments (most of which were on the philosophical side) but there were some that I feel would make great additions to Western New York.


One of my favorite suggestions: Build an IKEA Home furnishing store.  IKEA has proved to be successful in every city they are in. They sell quality, modern home furnishings that are sleek, funky, functional and affordable.    


Theme Park

Another "no brainer"  suggestion is a theme park.  We have Darien Lake and Fantasy Island, which are great parks in their own right, but we have miles of shoreline just begging to be developed. Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio is a giant tourist attraction. Every year visitors from surrounding states travel to Ohio to spend time and money at Cedar Point. Cedar Point is not only a successful operating park,  it has spawned additional growth as other businesses  that reap the benefits of Cedar Point's success.   

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Another person suggested a casino. The Seneca Nation tried to build one downtown but the project has been stalled by petitions and lawsuits. So instead we now have the world's largest rusted Erector Set gracing downtown . With any luck (no pun intended) the Seneca Nation and those in opposition will find a way to complete this project.   


Indoor Water Park

We all know living in Buffalo has  challenges, the weather being one of the biggest. One WYRK fan suggested an indoor water park and I agree.  What would be greater than to get out of the cold and into a warm tranquil water park in the middle of January?   


Lord Stanley's Cup

Buffalo has had its share of heart breaks with our sports teams.  "We almost won this" and "almost won that". Imagine if the Buffalo Bills would have won all four Super Bowl championships? The Sabres a cup or two? What would that have done to build up Buffalo as a sports Mecca? The Sabres under the new ownership of Terry Pegula looks to be our best shot at finally being able to get this "monkey" off our back. Let's go Sabres!   


Crab Shack and Sonic

Buffalo and food go together like beef on weck or hot wings and blu cheese. We are world famous them.  So we want to take into consideration the a few fans who suggested we court Joe's Crab Shack and Sonic Drive-In. Not a fan of seafood but Joe's Crab Shack on the water front would make me happy as a clam.  I've never been to a Sonic but I have been to drive-in restaurants before. It is a unique experience that brings back the true Americana experience.    

These were some of the best suggestions but I still want to know about others. Go ahead,  submit your thoughts, leaving us a comment below.

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