The first hot trend of 2024 may have already come to an end in some locations in New York State. There are reports that the product that caused adults to fight and people to wait in line, won't be restocked.

The buzz around the pink Stanley tumbler started with a TikTok video that showed one of the mugs surviving a car fire. In fact, the insulated mug did so well, the ice was still solid on the inside!

But if you were planning on waiting for the next shipment of pink mugs, you may be out of luck.

There are reports that the mug will not be restocked. says that:

Now that the dust has settled, Starbucks has provided an update for those hoping for a restock of the sold out tumbler. Unfortunately, though, the news looks bleak. People reports that despite Starbucks seeing "an enthusiastic response," the Quenchers "will not be restocked."

These mugs became so popular and hard to get that fights broke out!

Apparently, most want the pink Starbucks mug and are willing to struggle with crowds to get their hands on one.

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