How can you tell someone has “stealth wealth” in Buffalo?

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TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are filled with posts on how to tell someone has “stealth wealth,” aka secretly very wealthy, or how to act as if you have it yourself.

This particular brand of rich people don’t wave wads of cash around in public, seemingly to draw attention to themselves. They don’t update their social media with pictures of themselves and their gorgeous partners on exotic vacations. They don’t wear flashy or expensive clothing completely covered in designer logos from head to toe. 

(Basically, if we had to define it simply, they don’t live their lives like a Kardashian or a cast member from “The Real Housewives.”

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According to Urban Dictionary) a person with stealth wealth “choose to remain understated and quiet about their wealth, ” but  “would be considered extremely wealthy from the looks of their bank accounts.”

How Can You Tell Someone Is Secretly Wealthy In Buffalo, New York?

The common traits of the “stealth wealth,” according to posts around the Internet, are wearing well-fitting clothes, having lots of free time, and not knowing what the price of everyday household items (like a carton of eggs) are.

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All of that certainly applies to the subtly wealthy everywhere, but here in Western New York, there are some very specific tells you can pick up that can show you someone has loads of money without even having to ask. 

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Here’s how you can tell if someone is secretly super rich here in Buffalo.

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How can you tell someone in Buffalo has "stealth wealth"?

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