It’s been more than 53 years since that plane crash in Iowa that claimed the lives of music stars Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper.  All 3 along with the pilot were killed instantly and the wreckage stretched nearly 300 yards across a cornfield.

Investigators gathered up the personal effects of all the people aboard.  One important thing was missing from the list – Buddy Holly’s distinctive black glasses.

Turns out those glasses along with the Big Bopper’s watch were thrown clear of the crash scene and into the snow.  It wasn’t until two months later that they were found as the snow melted.  They were turned into the sheriff’s office and placed in a manila envelope with the only notation “received April 7, 1959”.  Then
the envelope was filed away…..for nearly 21 years.

It was on this date in 1980 that the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff was looking thru files and found the envelope,
wondered what was in it and found the glasses and the watch.  The glasses were returned to Buddy Holly’s widow and they can be seen in the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock, Texas.

SOURCE:  HistoryChannel

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