Being on a game show sounds like the coolest opportunity ever. We had the chance to catch up with Kevin Logie, a Western New York native who just got to "come on down" to the Price is Right!

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He gave us a look behind the scenes of making a game show during a pandemic.

Logie, a graduate of Buffalo State College, has been on a few game shows in the past, including Let's Make A Deal, The Newlywed Game, and Hip-Hop Squares before landing on stage next to Drew Carey on The Price is Right.

At the moment, there's no live studio audience for the Price is Right due to coronavirus, so the contestants are being cast ahead of time.

Logie says, "A friend of mine was on The Price is Right few months ago. They were ramping back up production because think about it, [the show] is the audience. And since they weren't doing that anymore, they were casting the show."

Are contestants really that excited when it's time to "come on down!"?

"They needed me to be as wild and crazy as I possibly could. If you know me, I'm very relaxed and chill. I have moments of like, being wild and crazy, but they needed me to go insane. They're like 'we need this energy!' That's typical with most game shows; they need you to play the part."
When Logie was in Contestant's Row in the first round of the game, to advance he played the "one dollar" move (it's a player strategy on the show where if you think all the other contestants bid too much, you bid $1 on the prize, it's a guaranteed win if you think everyone bid over the amount).

When you watch The Price is Right on TV, you'll notice no one is wearing masks. But California, where the program is produced, has many state-wide COVID-19 prevention protocols in place.

Logie explains the only time masks aren't worn, is when a person is on camera.

"Well, what you don't see is everyone had masks on until the very last second."

"So we had masks on while they're preparing us. We had masks on during rehearsal to show us where we're supposed to stand, and where we're going to go. Then they put you all backstage right behind the curtains, and then you're not allowed to take your mask off until you hear your name."

He says that the time unmasked on set is minimal.

"Even when there was a break, the production assistant would come out with masks on the podium, and ask those [people] if they're on a commercial break... masks on. Then they come over, wipe everything down and then countdown to commercial. Then take the masks off again."

Kevin didn't wind up winning his game, or the prize trip to Maine. But he did get to have another Price is Right classic moment -- spinning the big wheel.

We had to know, is it heavy? Is it hard to spin? Do you have to really yank on it?

"Dude, it's really heavy," says Logie.

"It's really, really heavy."

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