A few days ago my family was looking for a Christmas movie to watch.  As we were scrolling through, Gremlins came up.  "How is THAT a Christmas movie?" someone asked.  What makes a Christmas movie a Christmas movie?

I totally thought that Gremlins was a Christmas movie.  I mean, it's set around Christmas time, he gets a gremlin as a gift, heck...she even tells the story of her dad on Christmas.

They didn't necessarily agree...

Buzzfeed is trying to get to the bottom of it.  They're polling their viewers on a list of some of the most debated "Christmas" songs of all time.

Click here to see how the current titles are sitting on the list of "Christmas/Not Christmas" movies.

Here are the movies that are up for debate:

1.  "Die Hard":

2.  "Home Alone":

3.  "Gremlins":

4.  "Frozen":

5.  "Lethal Weapon":

6.  "The Nightmare Before Christmas":

7.  "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang":

8.  "Edward Scissorhands":

9.  "Batman Returns":

10.  "Eyes Wide Shut":

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