Let me preface this blog by telling you that I am more of a casual Buffalo Sabres fan. I like the team and I watch them but I don't live and die with them like many of my friends. I have been to two Sabres games in the past week and had a great time at each of them. Going to the games is a fun thing to do and it also gives you a feel for what the die-hard fans are thinking about the team.

I heard a lot of comments last night from fans who are a bit disappointed with the team's performance this year. One guy told me how he thinks we should get rid of everyone on the team except Vanek and McNaab. Another person said that Miller should be traded as he has gotten too "soft". It's obvious that things have not gone in the direction we would have liked.  I am sure that Terry Pegula is taking notes and will make the necessary changes where he sees fit. So my question to you is: What would you do right now to get the Buffalo Sabres on track to win the Stanley Cup? Log in and let us know what YOU would do.

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