Yesterday I was watching some TV in my living room, enjoying my new media fireplace when I hear some kids outside. I craned my neck up, because I'm lazy, and see a kid with a rake on my tree lawn. I thought to myself it must be the kids next door making a leaf pile. I had no problem with that because I used to be that kid trying to get the most leaves possible for my pile. So I let it go and turn back to the episode of Parks & Rec where Andy decides to retire "Burt Maklin." Later I'm in the kitchen making dinner and I hear the kids again but this time they sound like they're in the driveway or close to the backyard. I head over to the side door to see what I think is two kids walking away and I look down and see three white kitchen bags and a note. I open the door and realize the bags are full of leaves and the note is a bill.


Turns out it wasn't the neighbor kids making a leaf pile, it was kids from down the street raking my front yard for money. Just one problem...they never asked. To be fair, I laughed and laughed hard because it is funny. My yard doesn't have a lot of leaves, most of them are blown in from other yards. I have one tree on the curb.... So these kids were smart, they picked a yard with that didn't have a ton of leaves! However, I didn't ask them or ok them to do the work! I want to pay them because they are kids and it's neighborly but I also want them to know that this is not how you do things. You can't just do a job and demand money when they job was never asked to be done!

Bottom line is these kids were outside doing something and it wasn't mischievous or destructive... I do think that is great.

What should I do?

I would love to hear your suggestions!


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