Get ready before you read this one Bills Mafia.  It's only 5 words long but it stings a little to see.

Jordan Poyer has found a new team and it's going to be a sickening feeling to see him in that uniform.

Jordan Poyer is signing with the Miami Dolphins

The news came yesterday that Jordan Poyer would be signing with the Miami Dolphins.  It's just a one-year deal for around $2 million.

While many Bills fans are angry that he would sign with an AFC East rival, you can't blame him for it.  The Bills cut him.  He wasn't ready to call it quits just yet, so he took a deal with another team.  How can you blame him for that.

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Many thought Poyer would sign with Miami last offseason

At the conclusion of the 2022 season, Jordan Poyer became a free agent.  He could've signed anywhere.  Most assumed that he would be headed to Miami.  It's close to his home and something that multiple players add as a draw to play in Florida is that there isn't a state income tax there like there is in New York.

It appeared as though there wasn't a very big draw for the all-pro safety though after he returned to Buffalo.

Many Bills fans wanted to see Poyer retire as a Bill

Obviously, people weren't happy to see Poyer sign with another team, much less a division rival.  These five words make it even harder to see.

It's never easy to see a player (or his wife) be happy in another city.  Here in Buffalo, we like to believe that this is the only place these guys want to ever be.  But in reality, it's a business.  Very rarely do they have 100% control over what team they end up on.  So it just hurts to see.

But, as the phrase goes, "If you love something, set it free."

Best of luck to Poyer in Miami.  There are only a couple of times a year that we won't be cheering for him - if he's playing the Bills, or the Dolphins are close to winning the division.  Then we'll cheer for whoever is playing against them.  But until then, good luck to Poyer.

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