When I was a kid we weren't allowed to use the words, "I'm bored". If we did, my mom and dad would always find something for us to do and it was never something pleasant. We learned not to say those words. However, if you're nicer than that, you might be looking for something to keep the kiddos occupied. Here's a list of my five favorite things to do with my kids when boredom strikes.

You've been telling them to go outside and ride their bikes, jump on the trampoline, and play with the dog all summer now and still they say, "there's nothing to do!" Here's my list of five things that you can do with your kids to break up the monotony.

1.  The Buffalo Zoo

There is constantly something happening at The Zoo and what kid doesn't like animals? Mine were spellbound by the monkeys. They could watch them for hours!

2. National Museum Of Play at The Strong


This one is one of my favorites. We're lucky that Rochester is as close to us as it is. The National Museum of Play at The Strong is totally worth the 45 minute drive. It's a museum that's dedicated entirely to the study of play. There is plenty to keep the kids busy and it's air conditioned!


3. The Beach

My favorite is to head up to Evangola State Park. It's a nice family oriented park with an area to swim, picnic tables, restrooms, and grills so you can bring lunch and cook it there!


4. The Library

Yes. I said I like to take my kids to The Library. They love it! Luckily my kids like to read (they got that from their mommy) so they really like to pick out new books. But even if they didn't like to read, the library is so much more than just books. There are constantly fun workshops that they can sign up for where they can do fun crafts. Plus there are CDs and movies that they can take home. The best part of it all is that it's absolutely free!


5. Go Old School On Em...Take Them to the Creek

There is nothing wrong with hitting up a pond or a creek and getting a little mud between your toes. Take them crayfishing or just splash around in the water. You'll be surprised how much fun they have when they put the iPods down and get out from in front of the computer.