This year's Harvest Moon happens on October 5th and the moon will be at its fullest at 2:40pm however, you'll be able to see it "full" no until a day or two after. Now that we know when, let's find out what. What is a Harvest Moon? Solid question. Essentially it's the full moon that is closest to the Autumnal Equinox. The Autumnal Equinox fell on September 22 this year and while there was a full moon on September, the full moon in October is closer make this full moon the Harvest Moon. Which is actually something that doesn't happen a lot.

Here are some fun facts about this year's Harvest Moon!

  • Between 1970 and 2050 there will only be 18 full moons in October to claim the Harvest Moon title. The last time was 2009 and the next time will be 2020.
  • Why the name Harvest Moon?  The name dates back to at least the 18th century and was titled as such because its unique features traditionally helped farmers.
  • Look for gorgeous sunsets! Low-hanging moons at sunset are reddened by clouds and dust, giving them that surreal “giant floating pumpkin” effect that just gives you an incredible sight.
  • The moon is going to look HUGE but don't be deceived it's just an allusion that some call the "moon allusion". Even though it might not be bigger we can still pretend!

Learn more about the Harvest Moon HERE.


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