If you've ever been on a road trip, you've probably had a gas station order.  While they're terrible for us 99% of the time, we've all got that list of things we like to get.

You know what I'm talking about.  It's the junk food that you can almost only get at a gas station.  Chips, sodas, candies...they all make the list.  They're all terrible for us, but they have two things in common.  They're easy to eat with just one hand, and they hit the spot almost every time.  We won't mention how they actually make us feel...lets just go with the fact that they're a guilty pleasure and leave it like that.

When it started to trend on Tik Tok, I started to wonder...if the WYRK crew went on a road trip together, what would we order?

I know what mine would be.  I get the same things all the time.  I always get glacier cherry gatorade if it's there (fruit punch - aka the red one if it's not).  Hostess cupcakes - this is one of the very few situations where Little Debbie just won't cut it.  Beef Jerky is a must to hit the salty group.Twizzlers Cherry Nibs...and yes, they HAVE to be cherry.  I'm a bit of a cherry snob.  And for chips, I almost always go for the original Nacho Cheese Doritos.

It's a winning combo in my eyes.

I asked the rest of the crew what they would order if we were on a road trip and made a quick stop.  Here's what they said:

Gas station orders

We asked you on facebook whose car would have your gas station order...here's what you said:

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