Are people so much in a hurry these days they can't even wait for a funeral procession to pass?  I'm so angry I want to spit nails.  I attended the funeral for a friend this week but never made it to the graveside service because I had no idea where the funeral cortege went. 

A couple of problems here.  First the funeral home was negligent in making sure that the entire cortege stayed intact.  At least seven cars at the rear of the cortege never made it to the cemetery because we got stranded at the first major intersection we came to.

The second problem is that some people in a funeral cortege just don't know how to maintain a close enough distance to the vehicle in front so that are no spaces.  That leads to the third problem.

Other drivers are in such a rush that they cut INTO the funeral cortege and when they come to a red light at an intersection they stop and the funeral cortege behind them with their headlights on, flashers flashing and clearly marked as a FUNERAL vehicle has to stop because they're locked in.

It happened at the intersection of George Urban Blvd. and Dick Road just a half mile from the funeral home.  The light is so long there that by the time we were able to get going again the vehicles at the end of the cortege were long gone.  I drove around the Genesee - Harlem area for a while before giving up.

Hey people - funeral processions have the right of way.  Isn't it just common sense that you stop until it passes by?  You can pass it on the left but be courteous.

I'm upset that I never got to say my final goodbyes at the gravesite because of some inconsiderate morons.  You can only hope it doesn't happen to you some day.


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