I keep reading so many negative reviews of 'The Sound of Music Live'. WHY?!

I thought it was fantastic. I love the movie version, but this was not the movie. They never claimed it was a remake. But I thought it was a well done presentation of a wonderful story – done LIVE.

Carrie Underwood is not an actress, but she’s a fantastic singer – FANTASTIC -- and this is a musical. I’ll give her a pass on the acting because she delivered the music. That’s what it was all about – the music.

Audra McDonald played Mother Abbess in the production, and she’s one of the best stage actresses. She has five Tony Awards and two Grammys to her credit. What a tremendous voice. She put a lump in my threat with “Climb Every Mountain.”

Among the Von Trapp kids, I thought the younger boy and the oldest girl were the best singers, but together they were all great.

And the gamble for NBC paid off because the ratings are the biggest they’ve had in that time slot in four years.

The show left me wanting more. That three hours flew by so fast, I wish they could make a sequel. My only regret is I wasn’t able to share it with Shelley because I know she would have loved it too.