If you find yourself thinking that this year feels very similar to another year from the past, you are right! Well, sort of.

The new year is here and just like every year there are so many great things to look forward to here in New York State. If you are a Leap Year baby, this is also an exciting year as this year features that extra day in February.

But if you started 2024 scrolling through social media, you may have seen many people talking about, or posting about, the mirror year that is underway. It turns out, the calendar for this year and the calendar for that year are the same!

This is going to be an exciting start to the new year as many are waiting to see what happens with the NFL playoffs. The Buffalo Bills are looking to get in IF they can beat the Miami Dolphins this coming Sunday on Sunday Night Football.

The 1996 season was the last season for pro football Hall of Fame member, Jim Kelly! The Buffalo Bills also made the playoffs that season!

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