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Jim Kelly Vs. Josh Allen Contracts
The date was August 19, 1986 and the Buffalo Bills took a guy named Jim Kelly from the United States Football League and were bringing him over to the National Football League and made him the highest-paid player in the entire league. When Jim Kelly first came to Buffalo, the Buffalo Bills were

Made …
'Passing The Torch' Football Jim Kelly Gave Josh Allen
Wow, imagine having something like this in your home? What a cool piece of memorabilia to have inside your house. Right now, with this upcoming Bills season and all the hype, this football could be worth some serious money.
Josh Allen and Jim Kelly were hanging out yesterday and it looks like they we…
Buffalo Bills Keeping It in the Family, Work out Chad Kelly
Interesting timing, huh?
Jim Kelly's nephew Chad Kelly, who was signed with Denver Broncos and then the Colts before being released this past Fall, reportedly will soon be working out with the Buffalo Bills.
So many questions come from this that people have been asking: Does this mean they aren&a…

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