The Buffalo Bills play the Kansas City Chiefs at Highmark Stadium this Sunday. It's the final game for the NFL's divisional round, and the third playoff meeting between the two teams in the last four seasons.

However, for the first time in Patrick Mahomes' career, he will be playing a road playoff game. It's also the first time Mahomes and this current Chiefs team is going to play a game in Orchard Park, with fans.

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The Chiefs are a much different team than 2020-2022. The offense is not the explosive passing game we are used to but their defense has improved to the point they are one of the best defenses in the league.

The Bills have run the ball more and have found ways to win in a variety of ways: rushing, passing, mix of both.

For this playoff game, the Bills needed a massive legend of the game and they got it.

Bruce Smith is coming back to Orchard Park to be the Legend of the Game on Sunday.

I don't remember Bruce ever being the legend of the game. I know Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Andre Reed have been, as well as many Bills in the 2000's, but never Bruce.

This game is one that Bills fans want badly. If 13 seconds doesn't happen, the Bills would have won the last four games against Kansas City.

The Bills might not have a few defensive starters for this game, including Taron Johnson, Terrel Bernard, Christian Benford, Tyrel Dodson and Rasul Douglas.

The hope is at least a few can play.

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