Thurman Thomas

Thurman Thomas -- The Musical???
Our beloved former running back and Pro Football Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas is about to be the subject of a Buffalo musical production... And it's going to be AWESOME.
Buffalo Stories: The Life of Thurman Thomas is a production of Road Less Traveled Productions, and will take you from his high scho…
Would You Rather
We love playing Would You Rather around here. Actually, as I'm typing this, I'm thinking maybe I should just speak for myself. Brett and I were hanging out with Granger a couple of weeks ago and we decided to play some 'Either or' and in typical fashion, there's no limits on…
A Buffalo Song
Drake White loves Buffalo. As a matter of fact he loves it so much that when he was at Darien Lake a few weeks ago, he decided to free style a quick song about Buffalo and a few of our hall of fame Buffalo Bills, Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas!
Jake's New Dog Gets Buffalove!
Jake Owen's family recently grew when he rescued a dog while he was in Baltimore! He announced on his Twitter that his other dog, Merle, just gained a brother!
Merle just got a brother... Had to save this guy in Baltimore. He has no idea how awesome his life just became...