Be prepared if you choose to watch this video.  It could be the sweetest thing, and the most heartbreaking thing you've ever seen.

Most of Bills Mafia was shocked to hear that Stefon Diggs was being traded to the Houston Texans.  After weeks and weeks of hearing that his contract was rock solid and it essentially would cost way too much to break it, the Bills still found a way to break it.

Some people took it harder than others.

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Professional football is a business

As adults, most reasonable people can understand that it's two things.  It's a business, and it's a game.  So we shouldn't ever take it too seriously and we have to understand that sometimes our favorite players get traded or leave in free agency.  It's all part of the business side that we don't like.  We want our favorite players to come to our city and love it as much as we do and never want to or have to leave.

But that's not how it works.

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Little boy takes the news hard

Try for a second to remember what it's like to be in this little boy's shoes.  Remember how you felt when you heard the Bills were cutting Bruce Smith, Andre Reed, and Thurman Thomas?  Maybe you're not into sports.  If you've ever fallen in love with a character on a show and they've gotten killed off or written out of the script, you know it can be devastating.

You don't want to watch them on another show.  You don't want to cheer for them in another uniform.

It's sad.  But now, this guy knows what it means to be a Bills fan.  It's a tough relationship bud.  And you just keep praying that one day, it really will be our year.

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