I IMMEDIATELY thought about the Dumb and Dumber car when I saw this. "My other ride is the shaggin' wagon'. The scene where the shaggin' wagon comes over the hill and the tires leave the pavement--you know what I'm talking about LOL Now, imagine THIS TRUCK going over the hill.

There are some serious Bills fans who have bought busses or trucks and decked them out to be over the top wagons that you see at in the tailgate lot, but this one has got to be a professional one or something. A Bills fan caught it at a Sheetz gas station in Northeast Pennsylvania and shared it on Twitter.

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UPDATE: The guy who originally tweeted out the picture of the truck says "Apparently this is the @thurmanthomas @pepsi tailgate truck. They should have let me know they were traveling through my town I would have broke out the Sahlens and Labatts".

Send us your Bills decked out truck, car or bus!

The Bills travel to Las Vegas to take on the Raiders at 4:25 pm this Sunday.

ALSO: If you haven't seen any of the Buffalo Bills fan boxes yet, there is one specifically designed for each week that includes a shirt and non apparel items. Each week a different Bills player designs them and the money raised goes to charity.

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