Duke Johnson is one player that many consider to be "on the bubble" for the Bills.  Is he pulling out all the stops to make the team?  Or does he have a valid argument?

This is the time of year when no one really knows who is going to make the final cut in the NFL.  Chances are, there will be a player that you love that will be cut and have to find a team somewhere else.

Duke Johnson is hoping that this year he will find a roster spot in Buffalo.

He's already played for a number of teams including the Browns, Texans, Jaguars, and Dolphins.  Now, he's doing everything he can for a spot in the backfield for the Bills. When I say "everything" I mean that includes comparing his own Offensive Coordinator (Ken Dorsey) to a Buffalo Bills legend (Jim Kelly) and telling him that he thinks Dorsey was better in college than Kelly was.


Both Dorsey and Kelly played at the University of Miami during their college careers and some would argue that if you were only considering college, Johnson might be right!

Jim Kelly threw 376/676 for 5,228 yards during his time in Miami.  His completion percentage was 55.6% That's a rating of 128.4

Dorsey was 668/1153 for 9,565 yards during his time in Miami.  His completion percentage was 57.9%. That's a rating of 147.4.

So if we're basing that argument on stats alone...he's not wrong.

But why was there such a difference in where they were drafted?  Kelly was chosen 14th overall in the first round of the draft, while Dorsey wasn't chosen until the 7th round.  He was picked 241st overall.

Some will argue that Dorsey had a much better supporting staff than Kelly did when they were there.

It's crazy to think about considering how praised Kelly is here in Buffalo...but a statement like the one that Duke Johnson made could actually be argued.  Was Dorsey better than Kelly in college?

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