I'm admittedly not the most rabid, knowledgeable, or passionate Buffalo sports fan you'll ever meet.

When you're born here and then never move out of town, like me, you're a Bills fan. That's just how it is in Buffalo. You don't have to know every stat, or be able to recall the last 25 years of quarterbacks; as long as you know the words to the Shout song, you belong.

Because this team has something (and someone) for everybody.

I couldn't have told you who my favorite Buffalo Bills player was until they lost to Kansas City last night.

Bills fans were low on moments to see their favorite players at their best in the AFC Championship game.

Toward the end of the game, it got downright ugly.

Buffalo Rumblings writes:

"The ugliest play of the night came when Allen took an 18-yard sack, tossed the ball at a Chiefs player in frustration, and started a mini-brawl late in the fourth quarter. Four offsetting personal foul penalties were called, ultimately, before the Bills settled for a field goal on 4th-and-28."

But at the very end, something amazing (to me) happened.

Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs, along with cornerback Josh Norman, stayed on the field to watch the Chiefs celebrate their win. The rest of the Bills had exited to the locker room at that point.

Diggs stayed on the field until head coach Sean McDermott came on the field to bring him in.

What I saw watching Diggs stay on the field was familiar. I knew this move.

The mythology of the Allen/Diggs bromance hit a peak this season, with the two inspiring "Stepbrothers" memes in response to the obviously close relationship the two players share on and off the field.

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But seeing the difference between how Diggs and Allen handled the loss solidified me as a Diggs fan for life (not that anyone says we have to take sides).

I saw a guy who's been close before.

In 2018, Diggs was in the same position as a Minnesota Viking, losing the NFC Championship to the Philadelphia Eagles, who went on to win the Super Bowl.

I saw a guy who BILLieved.

This season felt like lightning in a bottle, even if none of us were there to see it happen in person. 2020 was the year anything you thought could never happen might actually happen. And for the Buffalo Bills, we hoped the weirdness could result in the team's first Super Bowl win.

Disappointment is unmet expectations. We only ever feel it because we believe in ourselves.

I saw a guy who knows what he wants.

In college, I had a professor who was a big believer in visualization for goal achievement. To imagine the moment of achievement in every sensory detail -- how might it look, how would it smell, what are you wearing, what are you doing in this moment?

When you are able to picture yourself exactly in this moment, it transcends an abstract wish to a future conclusion.

Diggs knows this.

And I know the third time will be the charm.

Go Bills.

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