Singer Christina Grimmie was shot and killed while signing autographs at a show in Orlando, Fla. on Friday night (June 10). On Saturday morning, country singer-songwriter Will Hoge spoke of his sadness for what happened, also making a passionate plea for common sense regulations on guns.

Hoge implies he's a gun owner in his post on Facebook, but begins by stating that all Americans should be "utterly ashamed of ourselves."

If you can look yourself in the mirror at this moment and say, 'we don't have a gun problem, we have a mental health problem.’ on ONE hand I agree with you. YOU have a mental health problem. Please go seek help if you're unable to see this glaring and painful truth. She wasn't killed by strangulation. She was not bludgeoned by a hammer. She wasn't run over by a car by someone who shouldn't be driving. She was shot. Shot with a GUN. It is time for us all (especially those of us who are responsible gun owners) to take a stand and make sure there are common sense regulations on guns.

Hoge — who sings "Strong" and wrote Eli Young Band's Grammy-nominated "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" — says the situation hits close to home for him, as it does so many artists. For those looking to argue, he asks that they “sit in silence for a bit and ponder the loss of a 22 year old kid, doing her job, that is now dead.”

“Now in your silence please ask yourself, is there ANY point when you feel enough is enough? It's basic human compassion, empathy, and understanding," he writes.

Hoge’s fans on Facebook gave a mixed reaction. Many applauded his words, while some asked him to keep his politics to himself, or asked what he had in mind as a solution. Hoge spent part of the morning discussing the matter with fans.

The country singer admits he didn’t know Grimmie, a pop singer best known for her time on The Voice. Many country stars responded to the news of her death, including Blake Shelton and the Swon Brothers.

Country Stars React to Christina Grimmie's Death

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