If you've always wanted to say that you ran a 5k, but haven't because you were uncomfortable doing it around other people, this might be your best chance.

There are tons of people that have always wanted to check something like this off of their bucket list.  A 5k can be intimidating for some people though, so it might be harder for some than others to say they've done it.

But since the pandemic began and social distancing became a household word, many organizations have begun to do what they call "virtual races."  You don't gather at a starting line and run the same course.  Instead you mark the distance on your own with the help of an app (just to be sure...).  While it doesn't have the same excitement of a starting line and hundreds of people to run with, it's a great way to get started running races like that.

If you'd like to help support students who are hoping to have a job in the health or exercise science, Black Belt Body in Williamsville will be hosting their very first Virtual 5k Race to support a future scholarship for students who hope to continue with health and exercise as an occupation.

According to WGRZ, Heather Webb is the owner of Black Belt Body and she wants to do it to give back.

"With this year and feeling like so much has been taken away from me, one thing that I feel like is really important and I really believe in is the law of attraction and what you put out, you're going to get back. And I just want to continue to be able to give back to the community" - Heather Webb, owner of Black Belt Body.

The run will have to be completed sometime between Monday, April 26 and Thursday, April 29th.  For more info on the race, or to get signed up for it, check out the Black Belt Body Facebook page here.


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