Nothing wrong with a little extra positivity to keep you going throughout the week. One guy in Western New York is sharing smiles in his community, and people are taking notice. 

It is hard to pass this guy without taking notice. If you have driven through Glen Falls, odds are that you have seen this smiley man on the side of the road, doing his due diligence to make your day a little better. 

Everyone is dealing with a lot of stress these days, with the prices for everything being much higher than recent years. It is hard not to be stressed and overwhelmed with everything that has been going on lately. 

However, all of those worries seem to dissipate in the wind when you see this guy living his best life near Glen Falls.

Someone snapped a picture of the “Free Hugs” guy on Main St. in Glen Falls, and you can’t help but smile when you see him!

He was spotted by My SALON Suite of Williamsville, located at 5500 Main St. in Williamsville. 

Regardless of your day at work, when you see the Free Hugs guy, you can’t help but smile when you see him. 

Next time you are driving down Main St., watch for our friend!

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