This is a unique marketing idea. It is pretty sad that people need any incentive to vote. As Americans I feel it is our right and responsibility. However, one store in Georgia has come up with a plan to get the voters out!According to the Huffington Post...

A hunting store in Atlanta's suburbs is offering Georgians a chance to win a free gun for voting in the Nov. 6 election.

It is a raffle that is not based on who you vote for. Just that you prove that you have voted. Not everyone that votes will win. However, there are those that say it violates a law that prevents people from getting paid to vote.

As I mentioned above, there shouldn't have to be any incentive to get people to vote. However, I do think this is a brilliant marketing idea. Even if the shop owner is not allowed to go ahead with the plan for the giveaway, he still gets his name out!