Buffalo is famous for a lot of things, but you know what Buffalo is famous for better than I do. After all, I just moved here from Indiana, but one thing that everyone thinks of when they hear “Buffalo,” whether you’re from East or West of here, is the city’s delicious chicken wings. 


With Thursday being “National Chicken Wings Day,” WYRK wants to send you to one of your favorite chicken wing restaurants in Western New York so you can get your next plate of wings on us.


Tomorrow morning, Clay & Company have a total of sixteen $25 gift cards for you to go and check out all the hot spots around town to satisfy that wing craving you have. I know you must be hungry thinking about it.


Are you up for the challenge? Call the studio line at 716-644-9975 when Clay & Company ask for you to call in, and once you get through, you will have a chance to spin our “Wing Wheel” and see where WYRK will be sending you for National Chicken Wing Day.


The annual celebration for the love of chicken wings started in Buffalo, NY back in 1977 by former mayor Stan Makowski. Since then, the day has grown to be celebrated nationwide. 


Celebrate our city, sloppy faces, and great local food with WYRK’s Wing Wheel challenge. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two as to who has the BEST chicken wings in town — you know, since I’ll be eating a meatless substitute to wings. 


Wake up with Clay & Company for your chance to win. Good luck!


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