A list of some of the best minor league baseball parks has been released.  One of ours here in WNY made it...but another surprisingly got snubbed.

I'll never profess to be a big baseball fan.  But there is just nothing like a day at a ballpark.  It's one of those sports where it really doesn't matter if you like the sport or not.  If you get a nice sunny and 75-degree day with your family, grab a hot dog and some peanuts and camp out in the stands, you can't beat it.  Add in the crack of a bat and the roar of a crowd and it's the perfect summer day.

In Western New York, there are a couple of great minor league baseball fields.  As you know, Sahlen Field has been here since the late 80s.  While it's changed names and colors a couple of times along the way, it's still an incredible place to watch a game.

Then of course if you head right up the 90, you'll find another that is the home of the Rochester Red Wings.  It's called Frontier Field and it's been the home of many events - from baseball games to soccer games and even concerts.  The first event ever held there was a beach boys concert in 1996!

Stadium Talk just released their list of the best minor league baseball stadiums in the nation and sure enough, Sahlen Field made the cut.  But surprisingly, Frontier Field was somehow left off.

I mean, I get that they can't just include them all but if you've ever been to Frontier Field, you know how nice it is there.

What is your favorite minor league stadium/field to watch an event?

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