The bar is 8.5 inches off the ground. Sounds unbelievable right? We thought the same thing. She's been doing it for quite a few years after her uncle proposed the idea to her--and good thing he did.

According to WGRZ:

In January, she traveled to China to perform and set a record for limboing the farthest distance. She was 12-inches off the ground and she had to stay in that position and limbo under multiple bars.

She has also done the limbo under a vehicle. She said the ground was hot and so was the car and it had her saying to herself, "if I'm not able to move, I'm thinking how was I going to get up, you can't drive over me because obviously you'll run me over."

Her next ideas are to limbo underwater and under multiple vehicles.

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A video posted by Shemika Charles (@limbo_queen) on

While waiting on our flight back to Buffalo LIMBO LIMBO LIMBO under AIRPORT SEATS #LimboQueen

A video posted by Shemika Charles (@limbo_queen) on

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