It's not just about timing when it comes to popping the question, it also has to do with the location. What's the old saying? Location, location, location. It could be iconic or it could be very personal but the place you propose you will always remember.

Hitched, a Wedding Planning Site, dug down and analyzed over 10,000 proposal hashtags to find out where the most people are getting engaged all over the world. It turns out WNY is a very popular place with a very important landmark!

Top 10 Places/Landmark To Propose In The World

  1. Disneyland Paris
  2. Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Florida
  3. Centennial Lakes Park, Minnesota
  4. Eiffel Tower, Paris
  5. The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles
  6. Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge, New York
  7. Niagara Falls
  8. Disney’s Epcot Park, Florida
  9. Big Bear Lake, California
  10. Bondi Beach, Sydney

Is this list shocking? I actually know a couple of people who have gotten engaged at Niagara Falls, but I would never think it would make a list of places in the world to propose. According to the article, they state it's Niagara Falls, Ontario but we'll take credit for it as well. When you're at the Falls or on one of the boats headed to the mist you're in common water. No matter what side you propose on you still have gorgeous views and a wonder of a memory.

The other shocker on the list is Centennial Lakes Park, Minnesota. I'll be honest, I had to look up what it was and the photos did look beautiful. I guess my last question would be how many people outside the US are hashtagging their proposal? It looks like the US pretty much has that market covered.

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