I had the privilege of sort of emceeing the World Cup showing at Canalside on Thursday. All the people involved were so excited wit the turnout and excitement, they couldn't see not doing again! Which means good things to come for soccer enthusiasts.

While the U.S. fell to Germany, they still moved on to the knockout stage of the World Cup! This is a big deal!! They were able to get out of the group of death against some big teams!

Liz Mantel

Some of these pictures don't do the crowd justice! There were a lot of people who showed up right before the game, trying to get the most out of their lunch hour. It was another amazing turnout, and I'm still so impressed and proud of the community!

Liz Mantel

Canalside also announced yesterday that they plan on showing every U.S. Men's game from here on out, and they will also show the final World Cup match! It looks like they have very much caught the World Cup fever!

Liz Mantel

The lunch hour crowd was huge -- even the construction workers at the HarborCenter made sure they could see the game!

Liz Mantel

We even had a drone show up to get some good shots of the crowd! I can't wait to see the footage from this little sucker!

What a great time at Canalside! Don't forget WNY, you don't have to wait four years to watch soccer! We have two great teams right here in WNY! Check out both FC Buffalo and the WNY Flash, and get ready for the Women's World Cup next year!

(Abby Wambach -- WNY Flash) Getty Images/Brett Carlsen

See you at Canalside on Tuesday at 4 p.m. when the U.S. takes on Belgium!