I know you're probably wanting to hug your mom, hug your dad and you might just be able to give them a very long, tight squeeze if you can do it safely and we may have found a way.One teacher has found a way to give her students hugs, even in quarantine. You're not supposed to get close to your loved ones, but what if you had THIS.

50 students lined up at the this teacher's house once she invented this way that they deemed safe enough to get some hugs. She took a plastic shower curtain and cut it out and sealed it to the open door frame, cut some holes and attached bags on the opposite side where she can insert her arms. Here's what she said:


I was missing my students so much, and my wife and I came up with a way for me to give them hugs during this difficult time. I got to see so many students and give them a big hug.”

So many happy tears. I am used to seeing [my students] every day, getting my morning hugs every day from them. It has just brought so much joy to me, parents have told me it’s brought joy to their kids, to their families, so it was amazing", according to WTHR.

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