How Much Does Your Teachers Get Paid in Your District?
Which teachers make the most money in Western New York?
This year, the West Seneca district took the top spot of best teacher pay this year. Buffalo Business First took analysis of salaries of all different departments, and the percentage of district budget devoted to teachers’ salari…
This Week's National Teacher's Appreciation Discounts
Hats off to all of our teachers this week! They say that sometimes your kids teacher is with them more than the parents. They're invested in watching your kids grow and learn and sometimes it can be a thankless job.
Tuesday is National Teacher's Appreciate Day and actually, we are celebrati…
App Used By Teachers + Students No Longer Free On Verizon
'Remind' is an app a lot of teachers in Western New York use so that they can communicate to their students. It's a great tool, not to mention that you don't have to give out any phone numbers.
You will no longer be able to send free messages on the 'Remind' app starting…
You Be The Judge
Alex Boles, a teacher in Tennessee wrote the word 'STUPID' across one students forehead in permanent marker. It has not been released exactly why he did it, but sources say that Boles wrote the word backwards on the students forehead so that he can look at himself in the mirror...
Top WNY Districts
We found out the top high school in Western New York for this year and now lets take a look at all 96 school districts to see who will top the list around Buffalo.
Buffalo Business First has released the Top 14 on their site earlier in the Summer...
Here's What Schools in WNY Have the Best Teachers
We all have a person we can remember as our favorite teacher! A person who has made a lasting impression or was able to get through to us in a way that no other teacher could. There is a new list out that features the best educators in New York State.

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