If you're a teacher that is looking for some extra cash this summer, Darien Lake is looking for you...and you could win some extra money for your classroom too!

How many times have you heard stories of teachers who have ended up spending their own money just to get the supplies they need to do their jobs?  It happens all the time.

Six Flags Darien Lake is hoping to help some teachers out with that dilemma! I thought this was a pretty cool idea for teachers who might want to make a little extra this summer.  What better way to spend time working than at an amusement park?

How Do I Do it?

The program is called "Project Ed" and they're not only hoping to hire you to make some extra money, but they want to enter you in a raffle to win some gift cards to help you pay for your school supplies.  All you have to do is get hired.

Is it just for teachers?

They're looking for anyone who works in the education system that wants to make some extra money working at Six Flags Darien Lake.  So no, it's not just for teachers. It's open to teachers of course but also teacher’s aides, administrators and support staff, cafeteria workers, custodians, and bus drivers.

I really like being off for the summer...are there any other perks?

Not only do they get the chance to earn higher salaries, but they'll also get Platinum Memberships for family members and friends, which are valid for admission and discounts at all Six Flags Theme Parks worldwide.

And yes...you will also be entered into a raffle to win $250 in gift cards that can be used for classroom school supplies when you head back to school this fall.

I know...it feels like you just started summer vacation and we're already talking about heading back to work.  But if you're going to try to get in on it, you better hurry.  You have to average at least 24 hours a week for 8 weeks.  Before you know it, you're going to be heading back!



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