You’d better believe we’re going to make a big stink about this guy.

Amou Haji, 80, is an Iranian man who claims not to have taken a bath in 60 years. The current world record for longest time without bathing is a relatively paltry 38 years (and, boy, don’t you feel lucky you’re not the one tasked with verifying this information).

Haji reportedly adopted his lifestyle after some troubling emotional episodes he endured as a child, although it's not clear what that exactly means.

Haji, who says cleanliness causes him to get sick, subsists on a diet of rotten dead animal meat – porcupines are a favorite – and enjoys smoking pipes filled with animal excrement. He also smokes cigarettes four at a time.

So much for clean living.

Haji also wears a helmet to stay warm during the cold months, but who wouldn't be surprised if each helmet he's used melted from the odor?

And, sure, Haji's stench has probably not endeared him among social circles, but it hasn’t stopped him from having two homes. One is a hole in the ground and the other is a shack some other people who felt badly for him built ("Felt badly," of course, being a euphemism for "Let's build a home far enough away from our village that no one can get a whiff of his odiousness, although it will probably have to be in this country because no other nation will take him in and we don't have the funds to launch him into space.").

So, there you have it. The guy reeks, officially bumping 'Grown Ups 2' to second place on the list of things that really, really stink. Learn more about Haji below, as well as take in a classic clip from 'Friends,' in which Joey was in dire need of a shower while working on a Charlton Heston film.

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