It used to seem crazy to think that someone would do your shopping for you, now the options for delivery are getting even crazier.

Amazon recently announced that they would be offering drone delivery soon.  Yeah...a robot is going to fly to your house and deliver groceries to your door.  Now, Walmart is offering new delivery options to challenge the service that Amazon provides.

Does it feel just as crazy to think that a Walmart employee will soon be able to do your shopping for you, then come into your house and stock your fridge with the groceries they just bought?

Yup, they're proposing the employee come right into your house and put your groceries right in the fridge.  The customer will have to have a smart device that will allow one time entry into the home.

Feel uncomfortable with someone you don't know coming into your house when you aren't home?  Walmart anticipated that.  They claim that the employees will be wearing cameras so you will be able to watch the delivery as it happens or at a later time.

The option isn't available right now in Western New York, but if it goes well in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Missouri, and Vero Beach, Florida this fall, we could see it soon.

What do you think?  Would the convenience be worth the risk?

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